lvastudent Chip, Tim, Marty, Harry, Heide, Charlie
Literacy Volunteers of America Getting Comfortable with Technology Workshop
Welcome to the "Getting Comfortable with Technology" workshop for literacy students.

Harry Seda, a student from LVA Middletown, NY will give us an overview of how technology has helped him learn to read and write better.

Then, we'll look at Internet --  Search Engines -- like Yahoo, Excite, AskJeeves

and fun sites like Mapquest and the Movie Database and educational sites like CNN San Francisco, Ask Dr. Math, and LD Online.

On MapQuest, everyone can look at his or her hometown and "how far the drive is to Nashville."  If you want to print maps-- or anything else -- click on "File" -- and then click on "Print."

There are lots of helpers around so please let us know how we can help you.  

We hope you will learn some new things today and that you will also have FUN!

Chip, Tim, Marty, Harry, Heide, Charlie
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