lwhscore Mr. Reilly
Lincoln-Way High School, East Campus CORE English Instructor
Lincoln-Way High School's CORE program is designed to provide opportunities and activities for a unique and creative group of students.  CORE students in general  are a wonderful group of very
bright young people
 who have a pattern of academic underachievement during the middle school years.  The program is designed to provide instruction and  motivation in their own learning styles,  with the emphasis on preparation for the college-prep program.

To our incoming freshman -- the class of 2004!

    The CORE program was designed with you in mind!
    You will find CORE to be a challenging and exciting  
    way to learn -- not only content,  but also the skills
    that you will need to survive & thrive at Lincoln-Way.

    You will be studying Western Literature and History
    of Western Civilization in Freshman CORE.  You will
    create many projects and write your own short stories
    to demonstrate your new knowledge in many units!  Our
    units include a survey of Western World History:

     1  Creation Stories:   Creation or Evolution Debate
     2  The Ancient World:  Stories from Egypt and the
                            Hebrews (Old Testament Lit)
     3  The Greek Society:  Mythology, gods & goddesses
                            Heroes, The Iliad, The Odyssey
     4  The Roman Empire:   "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare
     5  The Middle Ages:    The Legend of King Arthur
     6  The Renaissance:    "Romeo and Juliet"
     7  Age of Revolution:  A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)
                            Animal Farm (George Orwell)
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