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Welcome to Mr. Macfarlane's 7th grade history page

This website is full of activities, quizzes, links, and exercises to help you preview, review and accelerate your learning in my class.  Make sure to check back frequently for practice quizzes and extra credit opportunities.

Homework will no longer be posted on this site since each student has been given a unit homework calendar.  Please refer to that if you have any questions.

Chapter currently being studied:  West Africa, Chapter 5 - pages 106 - 133

Monday, December 3rd - Today we will be looking at Chapter 5.3 receiving an outline and completing Ch. 5.3 Study Guide.

Tuesday, December 4th - Today we will be reviewing the lesson together as a class, looking at African proverbs and reviewing for Wednesday's Daily Geo and Ch. 5.3 Quiz

Wednesday, December 5th - Daily Geography Quiz and Quiz on Chapter 5.3.  When we are done we will read Chapter 5.4 together as a class.

My Quia activities and quizzes
7th - Chapter 5 Vocabulary
7th - Ch. 5.2 Review Cards
7th - Ch. 5 Vocabulary
JUMBLED WORDS - Can you unscramble these vocabulary words?
7th - Ch. 5.3 Review Cards
Useful links
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