machuca Mrs. Machuca
Franco Middle School 6th grade math teacher

In your tutorial class you have been working on probability problems, there's different kinds.  Well here's one more for practice.  Here's a clue, it's not as hard as it seems.  Think, what would you do?

A penny bubble-gum machine contains four colors of gum balls.  What is the maximum amount of money needed to get two gum balls of the same color?  Explain your reasoning.

Hint:  practice on a gum ball machine, they can be found at El Patio Restaurant, Barn Auto Parts, Family Dollar.

Remember, this activity can be done alone, with a partner, your family, or a group of friends.  Make sure you tell me who you worked with.  THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE SEPTEMBER 22, FRIDAY.  You must turn in your answer on the assigned outline you have received.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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