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  It's Nov. 7, Election Day, a good day to start my very first web page.  Beginnings are often cautious and full of mistakes.  Hopefully, as I get better at working on the computer, this web page will become more helpful.
  What types of things would be helpful to you as a student or a parent at this site?  What would you come to this site looking for?  Please give me your suggestions.

  In VA History we have started studying the history of the state, starting with Native Americans, Chapter 3; the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, Chapter 4; and then Jamestown, Chapter 5.  You can follow the book through our history up to today.  Our book goes into more detail for the time before the Civil War.  The book just briefly mentions the major events after the Civil War.
  I would encourage all students to read more about VA History by getting books out of the library, or looking up specific people, places, or events on the computer or in an encyclopedia.  For example, if you really like the Revolutionary War, get other books and find out more about it.
  There are also many good historical fiction books that touch on VA or US history. In the American Girl series, for example, the character Felicity lives in Colonial Williamsburg in 1774.  Jean Fritz is an author who has written many short historical books that are both fun and full of knowledge.

  Reading, as you can see, is a huge part of learning VA History.  The SOL test that our 4th graders will take in the beginning of May will be on VA History, but it is written on a 5th grade reading level.  Knowing the information is one thing.  Being able to read and comprehend the questions is another.
   That's why I encourage students to read everyday for Accelerated Reader.  The best way to improve your reading is to practice.  AR provides students with the opportunity to read books of their choice, at a reading level at their comfort level.  It gives them practice working on the computer.  It gives them the opportunity to earn prizes and awards.
   I give prizes to both classes every 3 weeks.  Any student that gained 4 points over the last 3 weeks gets a prize.  Mrs. Simensen and I have also developed an award ladder that rewards students with higher level prizes as they read harder, bigger books and gain more points, while keeping their average point correct above 80%.
   Sometime in the future I would hope to have that reward chart posted on this site.

   In Math, we are basically following the book and the SOL's.  Chapter 2 had a section on time, but time is not a 4th grade SOL.  We briefly went over the ideas in the book, but I did not go into depth and did not put it on the test.
We are in Chapter 3 now.  Just follow along in the book with us.  
   Students should be able to automatically recall basic facts in addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  It never hurts to practice basic facts.  All harder problems are just combinations of basic facts.
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