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Farnsworth Middle School French
JUIN 2001



le 7 juin
French 8
next category quiz, 22-24

French 7
page 225, #5 do questions only

also study family members, quiz Friday

le 5 juin
French 8

Il n'y a pas de devoirs

Study for quiz categories 19-20-21

French 7
Page 222 #1

le 4 juin
French 8

change of quizzing plans,
Lesson 31 quiz Tuesday --- study all the irregular verbs and categories quiz

Workbook pages 265-266

French 7
We have begun lesson 24
Read through page 222  use of the word DE

Mai 2001
le 30 mai
French 8
p. 325 #12  follow instructions carefully

Lesson 31 quiz on Friday

French 7

lesson quiz Friday (lesson 23)
finish all workbook activities lesson 23 and Thursday's worksheet as review for the quiz. 

No Activity Period for me Thursday

le 24 mai
French  8

study new material, lesson 31
we will resume category quizzes next week --- 16, 17,18
Lesson 31 quiz end of next week

French 7

continue reviewing VENIR, DE+ LE, LA, L', LES, and the STRESS PRONOUNS

Quiz 23 next week

le 22 mai

French 8
2 quizzes tomorrow
passé composé quiz (-er, -ir, and -re)

categories  quiz 5

French 7

page 216# 7

le 21 mai
French 8
quiz 4 (categories 10, 11, 12)

French 7
Page 214 #5 --- write out questions only!!!

le 17 mai
pas de devoirs
(just study new material)

8th  grade quiz Tuesday, categories 10,11,12

le 16 mai
French 8
We have begun lesson 31.  Re-read the story, try to guess the criminal.

Quiz categories 7,8,9 on Thursday!  Study hard, as a group, you've been slacking off and it shows. 

French 7

We've begun lesson 23.  Re-read the story and get ready for lots of new grammar!

le 14 mai
French 8

finish the workbook pages 263-264 for the final review for the big Lesson 30 quiz tomorrow,

Categories #4,5,6 on Wednesday

French 7

finish pages 183-186 workbook as the final review for big Lesson 22 quiz tomorrow

le 11 mai
same as le 10 mai

use Challenge board activities to practice for the lesson quizzes on Tuesday!!!

Bon weekend!

le 10 mai
French 8  Leçon 30 test next week, study over the weekend, play the Challenge Board for practice

French 7
Leçon 22 test on Tuesday!!!  Study for test and use
Challenge Board to practice. 

le 9 mai
French 8
Study CATEGORIES worksheet, quiz Thursday on first three boxes.

Continue studying passe compose and lecon 30

French 7

Quiz on Aller + infinitive (the future)  study

le 8 mai

No written assignments today.  Just study.

le 7 mai  Quizzes for everyone this week

FRENCH 8  Page 313 #10.  Read directions carefully so your writing makes sense!


page 205#8

le 4 mai
FRENCH 8  BIG NEWS!  I will not be accepting late homework anymore.  You must do homework ON TIME!

French 7
We'll be finishing off lesson 22 next week.  Keep practicing ALLER and contractions. 

le 3 mai
French 8
16 proficiencies are done!  Hooray!  Lots left.  Everyone will be tested by the end of May!

HW:  page 311#7--- write the order the events happened (remember it's in the passé composé)  Use the new vocab at the top of the page. 

French 7

study for ALLER quiz

great class work today!

le 2 mai
French 8 Keep studying! Passé composé!

French 7
Page 203 #6 choose any 5 and make "des phrases illogiques"!
(just like we did in class)

le 1 mai

French 8
We had unbelievably successful French National Exam result!  Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Proficiency Testing is in full force already!  make sure to schedule your turn.

French 7
Page 203# 5, choose any 3 to write out the conversations for.

AVRIL 2001
le 26 avril
French 8 Practice your Passe Compose!  Practice Proficiency sheets are mandatory --- hand them in!!!

French 7

Page 201 #1 study ALLER and try to remember the song to practice the forms!

le 24 avril
Finish all the worksheets given out by the sub!!!

le 24 avril
French 8, same as yesterday... keep practicing your speaking, testing has begun and your turn is coming up soon.

French 7
p. 199 do comprehension questions and write a summary about the cultural attractions on p. 199.  Add any comments or questions you have about these places. 

A jeudi!

le 23 avril
It's all downhill from here!
French 8, We've begun lecon 30--- and the passe compose--- study, and practice--- write ten sentences about what you DID or DID NOT DO over vacation.  Remember to write in the PAST...

ALSO*****  bring you signed proficiency signature sheet to me on TUESDAY!!!

French 7

Just began lecon 23---  start getting used to new vocab--- the new attractions (on page 199) and the verb ALLER--To go

le 11 - 22 avril
French 8
Have a great vacation!  and do not let your French fizzle over vacation.  Speaking Proficiency Testing begins right after vacation!  It may be YOU!

French 7 
Test postponed to tomorrow, (Thursday)
Bonnes vacances!!!

le 9-10 avril

French 8  --  we will have leçon 28 quiz on Wed.  Practice Avoir expressions, -re verbs, commands, and ON sentences.  Do workbook activities and play website games to help study.
I am available Tutorial and Activity periods this week.

French 7 --  we will have leçon 21 quiz on Wed.  Practice buildings in a city, parts of the house, direction giving and receiving.  Practice vocab using this website for lesson 21 and do workbook activities to help you study.

le 4 avril
French 8  Study leçon 28
practice -re verbs

French 7

le 3 avril
French 8  Quiz on AVOIR ENVIE DE AND AVOIR BESOIN DE.  Study forms of AVOIR and types of things you would say after the expressions

French 7
page 195 #8

(Do not forget to use the forms of ETRE = To Be)

le 2 avril
French 8
Page 279 #8 - text

French 7
page 194 text, write 8 sentences using the new vocab about YOUR house :  une cuisine, un salon, une salle a manger, les toilettes, une salle de bains, un jardin, un garage, une chambre

le 21 mars - le 30 mars

French 8, we are right in the middle of lecon 28.  continue studying the new vocab in the yellow boxes, using AVOIR ENVIE DE and AVOIR BESOIN DE, and general practice.  Play the activities on the website, and email me your scores.  The games change every time you play, so do them again! 

French 7  Hw = page 192 #4.  Study the new vocab places and giving directions!!!

le 14 mars

French 8  keep coming in for speaking proficiency practice, the opportunities are becoming more and more rare!

We've begun leçon 28.  Start reviewing vocab.

French 7  We've begun leçon 21.  Flashcards of your building assigned is due.  Start practicing spelling.

le 7 mars
French 8
Quiz Leçon  29
Study all vocab and faire expressions in the yellow pages in the chapter.
FNE practice on Thursday activy period!

French 7
Quiz 20
study all vocab and adjectives -do they go before or after?  Is it C'est or Il est?...

Play practice games to help study!

le premier mars
French 8  Workbook, page 260 #3, study vocab

French 7  petit examen demain (vendredi),
C'est vs. Il est/ Elle est
grand examen mardi!!! == leçon 20
play website games

French 8  p. 303 textbook, #6  write out on looseleaf

French 7
Prepare for quiz 20 .  Play practice games on website!

French 8 :  Don't forget to sign up for your five practice proficiency sessions!!!  It is more important than you think!!! Then, you must show up for your appointments!!!
Get serious, we are running out of time.

French 7
Workbook, page 153-154, #1-3 write out

Keep up on your review!  Et BONNES VACANCES!!!!!!!!!!

Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!!!

French  8  Continuez à étudier le vocabulaire leçon 29---
Quiz vendredi

French 7

French 8

Study the new vocab!!!

French 7
quiz on placement of adjectives (just like page 174#5)

French 8   Draw/ animate your assigned word I gave you on the index card (pages 298,300)

French 7
p. 174 #4 on looseleaf

French 8  Draw/ animate your assigned word I gave you on the index card (pages 298,300)

French 7  pas de devoirs!

Sorry for technical (and mental) delays.
All my fault.

French 8  study pages 296-298
Write out page 299#2 on looseleaf to hand in to be graded

French 7
Study car vocab.  Quiz on Friday!!!

French 8  brainstorm a list of good survey questions we can ask kids at school about "what they do in the evening in their free time"... Keep these simple and limited to things you can actually explain and discuss in French. 

French 7  Study "car" vocab.  Quiz on this list on Thursday!

French 8  We will begin leçon 29 next week.  Come prepared.
Also, do not forget to come for speaking proficiency practice during tutorial and/or activity period.  You must come to at least 5 sessions.

French 7
We will dive into leçon 20 next week.

French 8
Big lesson quiz Thursday.  Study VOULOIR,BOIRE,PRENDRE
French 7
Done with leçon 19, Don't forget projects due on Friday!!!
(poems, final copy)

French 8 page 302 workbook #8 (boire)
quizzes = mercredi= boire, jeudi= leçon 34

French 7
poem projects due Friday! Make them cute!
Leçon 19 quiz Wednesday. Study!  Use your outline and the games online to study.

French 8:  this is the week for quizzes!!!  Mardi= partitives, mercredi= boire, jeudi= leçon 34

Devoirs:  page 301, workbook, #6

French 7:  page 167 #10, do all the 7 sentences.
Quiz o nadjectives on Tues, and leçon 19 quiz on Wed

Project (Poem) due Friday.

French 8 Continue study to prepare for lesson 34 quiz:  vouloir, prendre, boire, partitives...

French 7  work on rough draft # 2 for little poem project
Quiz lesson 19 next Tuesday!

French 8  study to prepare for lesson 34 quiz:  vouloir, prendre, boire, partitives...

French 7  work on rough draft # 2 for little poem project
Quiz lesson 19 next Tuesday!

French 8  Finish worksheet (front only)
Quiz on Prendre

French 7  get ready for lesson 19 quiz.  Do Challenge board on the website.  Email me your scores. 

French 8  Finsh the Worksheet we started in class.  Both sides


French 8
Vouloir quiz *** étudiez!

French 7
review adjective meanings and making agreement with them (masc/ fem/ singular/ plural)...
we will have a little quiz anyday now...  hint, hint, hint..

I am going to be out tomorrow, there is plenty to do in class tomorrow anyway.  Everyone will be writing little poems, so get ready to be creative.  Whatever you do not finish during class is homework, and no complaining allowed, there will be more than enough time to complete work in class and play a game if you do.  Otherwise, we all know you were wasting time, so be productive!

Bon weekend!

French 8
p. 360 #3

French 7
p. 165 #7
remember to check for masculine/feminine and singular/ plural

French 8  study new verb - VOULOIR- do page 360 #1

French 7  Country project is due on Wednesday!

Bon weekend!!!

We are working on some cultural readings.  Please talk to your family about these places and see what they know or think about them. 
Do the worksheet I passed out!!!


French 8  big test tomorrow!  Leçon 33 
Also do worksheet!!!  Categories!

French 7  we've begun leçon 19  Start practicing the new vocab
page 163-- use all the new vocab in 10 sentences
Write about famous people or people in our class
Remember to use 1/2 masculine, 1/2 feminine

French 8  Dictée Tuesday---study---leçon 33 big quiz - Wednesday
Crossword worksheet due Tuesday also

FNE review class on Tuesday, A. P.

French 7  p. 160 in Text, answer the comprehension questions on looseleaf.

French 8 Dictée 33
workbook page 298

French 7  quiz lesson 18!  Study

French 8   We will be finishing lesson 33 this week
Prepare for Big lesson quiz.
FNE Activity Period Thursday
Montreal space still available

Workbook, pages 296-297 due tomorrow!

French 7  Lesson 18 quiz on Friday
Use the worksheet we did in class to study!!!
Finish the worksheet!!!
Quiz is just like worksheet, parts I and II on Thursday!

Details are important!!!

French 8  We will be finishing lesson 33 this week
Prepare for Big lesson quiz.
FNE Activity Period Thursday
Montreal space still available

French 7
Big lesson 18 quiz on Friday.
Study, study, study

Just don't forget all the things we have been working on.  We will finish the lessons after vacation!  Happy Vacation!  Be safe!  Be happy!  Bonne Année!!!
See you next year.

French 8  Quiz #2 vocab --- list that begins with Les plats ---- préférer

French 7  Workbook, page 147 #5

French 8
Study for vocab quiz Les Repas et La Nourriture
Quiz on Wednesday, or next class day.  

French 7

French 8
try to figure out the vocab left on the latest vocab sheet, you had left off with LES PATISSERIES
Really try, so we can breeze through and you only have to make corrections and a few additions

French 7 Workbook, page 145 ALL

12/13/00, 12/14/00, 12/15/00
French 8  
There will be a substitute teacher in on Thursday and Friday.  You should continue studying and practicing ALL the new food vocabulary.  We will have at least one quiz next week.

French 7
There will be a substitute teacher in on Thursday and Friday.  You should continue studying and practicing ALL the new  vocabulary and AVOIR!!!
Quizzes next week.

French 8
Remember to tell me if you want to do French National Exam
Homework is Page 353 #7  Choose any 10 items
Write question and answer for the items

French 7  
Do page 152 #5 -- write out questions and answers

French 8  Study new food vocabulary (worksheets and lecon 33) and PAGE 352 # 4, due Tuesday.  Write out full sentences following the directions.
ALSO remember to sign up for FRENCH NATIONAL EXAM, first session is Tuesday, 12/19/00

French 7  We are beginning lecon 18.  Study AVOIR.
p. 150 #3 in text.

12/8/00  Pas de devoirs!  Bon weekend!!

French 8  Le "show" etait magnifique!!!  Great work on the fashion show.  You were EXCELLENT!!!!!  I am very proud of all of you.
French 7  You've earned this little rest.  Get ready to begin lesson 18 Friday.  
FRENCH 8 Bring in props for performances!!!!!  Bring in your script and your partner's script that you prepared!!!

French 8 Study new vocab, illustrate the list of vocab I handed out in class in your notebook.  
French 7  LESSON 17 QUIZ--- do all the worksheets (3 sides for review)

French 8  Continue working on scripts and outfits, performance later this week.
French 7  Change in plan, Quiz on lesson 17 will be on Wednesday instead.  Study ALL vocab on pages 138-144 and your notes!!!

12/1/00 French 8-- prepare your drafts for fashion show for final edit on Monday
French 7--  study lesson 17--- big quiz on Tuesday!!!

French 8  Write your rough drafts for the fashion show!!!
name, profession, outfit, personality...
French 7  Study for quiz on prepositions (for real this time) Quiz is on Friday--- use your notes to practice... ALSO  Workbook, pages 141 and 144. Do all the activities on those two pages.

No official homework.  Just study your vocab.  7th grade has a prepositions quiz Thursday.
French 8 find meanings for professions on vocab list
French 7  Write and label your room (ta chambre)Have a parent write me a note indicating that you did this and how many items (minimum of 6).
& p. 146 #13:  write the question and answer for 5 of the 9 items.  On looseleaf.  (counts twice)!!!
11/27/00  French 8 :  Write your note on "Why you will be home late".  Remember to do your best, but do not use Text/ dictionary... etc.......
French 7 :  Label at least 6 items in your room from the vocab on page 144.  Have a parent check and write a note to me indicating that you did indeed label the items in French.  Leave the labels up to help you learn the new words.  

All classes:  Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Come back to school ready to move on in our lessons.  Study Vocabulary and practice!!!

French 8  Lesson quiz 27 on Tuesday Study! Study! Study!
French 7  Study new vocab!!!  Lesson 17

French 8 Workbook pages 228-229 and study for quiz on comparisons on Friday.  Lecon 27 quiz is on Tuesday.

French 7 study all vocab for vocab quiz Friday.  Pages 138-139, p. 140, p. 142  study meanings (and spelling of course)

French 8
Text page 270 #6 and continue studying.  We will have our lesson quiz on Tuesday.
French 7
Write out 10 questions using EST-CE QUE TU AS... and the vocabulary from page 142.  Write these in Pratique.
Continue studying new vocabulary... quiz on Friday.

French 8  Workbook p. 228 #3 and study for adjective quiz "beau, nouveau, vieux"
French 7 Study new vocabulary- p. 138-139-140
Do page 141 #3 (1-5)  Write the question out once, and answer all the items.  Do in "pratique".
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