madameharris1 Madame Harris
Norview High School Professeur de français

If you are absent, remember to check the bell folder for your assignments and handouts. Also remember to copy the Bell Ringers for the days you are out.

French I CALENDAR FOR September 2000
My Quia activities and quizzes
"C'est A Toi" Book 1 - Unité 1 Vocabulary
French 1: Unité 1 vocabulary
"C'est A Toi" Book 1 -Unité 1 culture
French1: Unité 1 Culture
Regular -er verbs
French 1: -er verb endings
"C'est A Toi" book 1-Unité 2, Leçon A Vocabulary
Vocabulary of Likes and Dislikes
"C'est A Toi" Book I- Unit 3 Culture
Chapter 3 culture
"C'est A Toi" Book 1-Unité 3, Vocabulaire
Unit 3 vocabulary
Useful links
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