madameyork Madame York
Jupiter High School French One Teacher
Using the following Quia activities, practice the lessons/information that you feel you need the most.  

If you finish, you can re-do those activities that you didn't do well on, or you can go down to the "Useful Links" Session and work on those activities (these are mostly from last semester, however). 

Stay on task, or madame York will not give you full participation points for today's class.  Remember, absolutely no eating, spinning on chairs, or horseplay in the computer lab. 

When you are finished, push in your chair, clean up around you and wait on Madame York to dismiss you.

You can also access this page from home to prepare for the final exam. 

Period one final:  Wednesday May 30
Period two final:  Thursday May 31

Merci et bonne chance!
My Quia activities and quizzes
DF Bleu Lecon 19 "les adjectifs"
DF Bleu Lecon 12 "Expressions pour la classe"
Les Objets dans la classe- DF Bleu Lecon 12
RE and IR verbs in the infinitive form - Matching Meanings
Les verbes -er - DF Bleu Lecon 13
DF Bleu - Lecon 15 Les Adverbes
DF Bleu Lecon 22 - le verbe ALLER
DF Bleu lecon 16 - le verbe FAIRE
Regular ER infinitives DF Bleu Lecon 15
DF Bleu Lecon 15 - Vocabulaire
Conjugations of Regular -IR verbs
Conjugations of Regular -RE verbs (present tense)
DF Bleu Lecon 15 Quiz
Lecon 16 DF Bleu - Faire et les expressions interrogatives
DF Bleu Lecon 17 - les personnes et les objets
DF Bleu Lecon 17 - Les prepositions et les choses dans ma chambre
DF Bleu Lecon 14 - Vocabulaire (les endroits - places)
DF Bleu Lecon 15 - Vocabulaire
DF Bleu Lecon 15 - Vocabulaire, Verbe + Infinitif/ Conjugaison
Useful links
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