maderchem Mr. Mader
Red Lion Area Senior High School Chemistry Level I/II Teacher
This site is devoted to the advancement of learning for all of my Chemistry students.  Below you will find links, games, flashcards, etc. that will assist in helping all of them learn the concepts of Chemistry.

Each homework assignment is listed as well as its date assigned:

Chemistry Level I:
-- 09/19 -- Finish Exothermic/Endothermic Lab

-- 09/20 -- Book Assignment from Powerpoint

Chemistry Level II:
-- 09/19 -- Book Assignement (Introduction to Energy)
Page 66: 10-14


Chemistry Level I:

-- Last Day of Each Marking Period -- 9 Reading Entries

Chemistry Level II:

-- Last Day of Each Semester -- 9 Reading Entries
My Quia activities and quizzes
Naming Polyatomic Ions and Their Charges
Flashcards for polyatomic ions
Useful links
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