madisonmedia Mrs. Anderson
Hi Faye,
Quia is a class site that is designed for older students. Funbrain can be used for upper grade students, but there is more ready made material here at Quia.  That will be  instantly obvious to you when you see their web page.  I'll be interested to hear whether you find anything you can use as is.  Of course, you can always input your own information for games and quizzes. It is easy to add links to other sites so you can assign one with a particular day's activities and the student can just click on it to go  there.(No paper notes!)  I like being able to activate a counter that tells you how many hits you've had on your page.  This site doesn't e-mail the results of student quizzes, but you can go anytime to view it or have someone go there and print the list.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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