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It is hard to believe we only have one week left..  Where has our time gone.  It seems like only yesterday that it was July and we were all getting to know each other.  Now it is almost time to say farewell.. (sniff,  sniff,  I'm not going to cry.....I'm not!)

Anyway, sentimentality aside, we are looking forward to our three days of case maintenance week.  We will discuss several aspects of ongoing activities with cases.  Feel free to bring in any real cases you can that have had changes or have changes that we can discuss.

We hope as many of you as possible will be coming back for follow-up week (2 days - short week).  It is an excellent learning and practice opportunity.

Enjoy the page - new activities have been added, including a good review quiz in the links section.  Feel free to e-mail us or call if you have questions or concerns.  We miss you when you are gone!  (608) 242-7477 (608) 242-7479
My Quia activities and quizzes
New Worker Class to Date
How far back can you remember?
New Worker - Week One Review
Wow, this goes wayyyy back!!!!
MA Category Codes
MA Category and CARES Code practice
W-2 Review
A review of W-2 week
Supportive Services Challenge Board
NEW!!!! Can we stump you with this?
Useful links
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