mae Megan Amanda
Gold Diamond Rose Elmentary 2nd Grade 2000 - 2001


chair     ship     chin     shot     shall

chew      chase    shelf    sharp    children


flag      feet     fine     fish     five

Social Studies

We are learning about farms.


We are studying oceans.  We are learning how pollution harms living things and how we can help.

Reading in Class

My Dog and the Key Mystery

Book Report  10.9.00
It was about Jennie and My Dog.  Jennie was a girl in this book.  Jennie had a dog and she called her My Dog.  They found a key of their friend's.  Her name was Susan.  They found it in Susan's house.  My Dog found it in the cookies she made.

I liked that story because the dog found the key.

On Her Own Megan Amanda Read:

Grizzwold  1.7
A Great Day for Up   1.8
D.W. All Wet   1.4
Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days   1.9
Harold's Runaway Nose   2.1
Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble   2.2
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Spelling Words
Spelling Words Week 6 Review Words
Social Studies Vocabulary
Social Studies Vocabulary
Social Studies Vocabulary
Hangman Social Studies
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