magarity2000 Senora Magarity
Wappingers Junior High School Spanish teacher
Hola Mis Estudiantes:

Hoy es viernes, el 12 de enero

Today in the computer lab we will be reviewing the following:

7th Grade:  Education, telling time, subject pronouns,
ar verbs

8th Grade:  Chapter 6 - Paso a Paso (La Ropa) Clothing
Review of all verbs, ar, er, ir regular and irregular
Demonstrative Adjectives
My Quia activities and quizzes
Activities - Que te gusta hacer?
Vocabulary - What do you like to do? 7th Grade
Feelings and the verb Estar 8th Graders
question words
Review of Question Words 7th & 8th Graders
Challenge Board Greetings/Farewells/Spanish countries
Vocabulary - El Primer Paso - Paso A Paso
Que te gusta hacer? 7th Graders
Expressions with the Verb Gustar
Numbers 1-100,000,000
Reading Comprehension -7th Grade
Useful links
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