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Highland Park High School Spanish Teacher
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Wed., 1-3
Go over Semester I Exams
Essay:  10 sentences, minimum 5 words ea. sentence, tell what you are doing over the holiday (present tense) and describe your surroundings!

HW: vocab. Ch 9; finish essay if wasn't completed during class.

Thurs., 1-4
Peer edit essays.  Begin discussion of Vocab Ch 9

HW: Palabras I wkbk exs. and study cards due tomorrow.

Fri., 1-5
check wkbk pages from homework, book activities for practice to be turned in as daily grade.

Tape? activites?...if time
HW: Wkbk exs. over Palabras II

Mon., 1-8
ck. wkbk exs. Palabras I
Take QUIZ - Vocab Ch 9
Saber vs. conocer - wkshkt over book notes.

HW: Wkbk exs. p.92 A & B and p.93 D & F
QUIZ on Friday!!

Tues., 1-9
Saber & Conocer - ck wkbk
do some text book exs.
tape activites

HW: notes wksht over decir & acabar de + an infinitive

Wed., 1-10
go over wksht
do text book exs.

HW: Wkbk?

Thurs., 1-11
ck wkbk exs.
tape activites over decir

review of grammar for quiz tomorrow

HW: Study for grammar quix over saber & conocer, decir, acabar de + infinitive

Fri., 1-12

Video Ch 9

HW: Descubrimiento Cultural p.262 Read and answer questions from wksht.
My Quia activities and quizzes
ser vs. estar (to be)
Verb Variety Challenge Board
Poner, salir, hacer and traer
Introduction Words I
Introduction II
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