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Farnsworth Middle School aka:FMS Sean is my b/f and he's a hottie
Hey all y'alls! At least that's what they say in Oklahoma!I had a blast on my vacation, but I kissed everyone! My great Aunt was really cool.. she has 10 tutles, and two dogs she used to have a tortise but it got violent so she gave it away!I wish that all of you were on-line right now so that I could talk to you but no-one's on! hoe so very rude not really but oh-well! I think that I lost my sense of humer how sad..... at least my cat is still my freind! The Grand Canyon is really pretty at sunset! And all of the Airplanes flying around looked like shooting stars it was awesome! I can't wait till I go back there! I took ahike down one of the trails, and I think that my legs still hurt from it! That and sitting in the car almost 24/7! When we finally got to Oklahoma I got to paint, fix seesaws see flood damage sort clothes, and whatch people buy some clothes and mutter where am i gonna fingd enough room to put this in with all of my other luggage! I had a blast but my news letter needs to be cut short.. so that I can go unpack I'll talk to all y'alls later! BYE!
P.S my teachers are Mr.Feiro, mr.Phillips, Mrs.Ruecker, and Mrs.slingerland!
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