magicalkids Miss Hougaard
Creekside Elementary Sixth Grade
Dear Parents,                              July 23, 2001
    I love this class!  They have been just wonderful to work with so far.  Lots has been going on, the following are some highlights. 
    In writing they have rough drafts done for their Personal Narratives.  The final drafts will be due Wednesday August 22.  They will always also be working on workshop stories of their own choice.  For reading we are reading "The Book of Three" as a class and are to chapter 8.  Their first book report is due on Wednesday August 22 as well.  They should all be working towards their AR goal and getting the bingo cards filled in. 
    Math is going well.  We will test on the first chapter this Friday.  So far the assignments have been:
8/2     pg. 7-9, 1-13,20,24,26,32-29
8/6     pg. 11-13, 1-14 all, 18-32 evens
8/9     pg. 24, 3-20 all except 9-11 or 17
8/13    pg. 37-38, 1-23 odd
8/14    pg. 41-43, 1-12 all, 22-36 evens
    You should be seeing spelling coming home to do homework and to practice for the weekly test.  In Science we are doing some experiments and starting microorganisms.  Remember, every Tuesday two current events are due with 3 sentence summaries. 
    Thank you to those of you who have signed up to volunteer and for those who have already come in.  This is a tremendous help.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call me.
   Have a super terrific day and remember, learning is a treasure no theif can touch!!!
                                                                               Miss Hougaard
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