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My Quia activities and quizzes
Events of the Trojan War
Major Gods and Goddesses I: Names
Major Gods and Goddesses II: Realms
Major Gods and Goddesses III: Symbols
Characters in Ecce Romani
Chapter 10 VERB REVIEW
Chapter 11 Review of Genitive Case
Exercise 12d: REVIEW
Review Exercise IIa: noun endings
Review Exercise IIe: Prepositional phrases
Latin I Vocabulary (chs. 8-12) - (copy)
Ecce 13-17 Etc. words
Chapter 14 Imperfect tense Exercise 14d
Chapter 14 Imperfect tense Exercise 14c
Chapter 15 Neuter Nouns
Chapter 16 Adjectives and nouns 'agree'
Chapter 17 Irregular verbs
Declension Endings (1st-3rd) and basic case uses - (copy)Ō
Ecce Romani 17: Irregular Verbs
Adverbs, Chapters 1-17
Chapter 16 Vocabulary
Chapter 17 Vocabulary
Vocabulary Chapter 5- Hangman Game
Ex 9c: Prepositions
Ex 9e: REVIEW: verbs and nouns
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