majewski Denise Majewski
Katy Junior High School Assistant Principal
Words of Wisdom from KJH Administration

Joe Cammarata - "Three Rules That Will Take Care of You in Every Situation - Do Your Very Best, Do the Right Thing, and Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated"
Rahn Beaty - "Commit Your Heart Before You Start!"
Darryl Dans - "Live Everyday to the Fullest."
Carol Dwyer - "Anything I ever wanted to be or do has been made possible by education.  Education is each individual's friend - his best friend.  Education can make a person's dreams come true.  I am living my dream and education made it possible."
Denise Majewski - "Be the Best You Can Be!"
Brenda Sanders - "If You Dream It, You Can Do It!"
Elizabeth Stamps - "The Choices You Make Dictate the Life You Lead.  To Thine Own Self Be True. Shakespeare."
Dorothy Walton - "Expect From Others Only What You First Expect From Yourself!"
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