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Week 9 Proficiency Countdown :-)  3-6-2000

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Dear Parents,
Thank you for all of your help.  We have had a great response to this project!  This is going to make a difference. JUST A LITTLE NOTE:  When your child is answering the short answer and extended responses (anything that is not multiple choice) please make sure that their answer is a complete response. If only a small blank is given for the answer then a one or two word answer is ok. But, if there is a couple of lines for an answer then your child needs to write a very detailed answer.  The responses were much better last week. Thank you!  Please be sure to send the completed paper back on Friday with your initials saying that you and your child did spend this time together. Remember that the time you dedicate each evening will help to make the Proficiency experience more positive and successful. Thanks again for all of your help. We are unable to include the graphics and charts on the web page, but you can find the questions on the web at:

1.  The following announcement was in the local newspaper:
What purpose of local government does this announcement show?
O  A.  Promoting the common welfare
O  B.  Providing for a system of justice
O  C.  Protecting the rights of individuals

2.  The “Keeping the Traditions Pow Wow” is held every summer in Xenia, Ohio. Which group of people organized this event to celebrate their background?
O  A.  Polish Americans
O  B.  Korean Americans
O  C.  Native Americans

3.  Land is used in which of the following?
O  A.  Mining coal
O  B.  Writing a book
O  C.  Painting a picture

4. Many immigrants from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia and Greece got jobs in Ohio’s factories. How did these European Americans contribute to the early growth of Ohio?
O  A.  By building the transportation system
O  B.  By working in manufacturing and industry
O  C.  By running state and local governments

5.  Add the shaded parts of the two circles.

O  A.   9
O  B.   5
O  C.   1

6.  Which group of fractions is correctly ordered from the largest to the smallest?

O  A.   1 1 1
          10 8 6
O  B.   1 1 1
            4 9 3
O  C.   1 1 1
            2 3 5

7.  The cutouts below can be folded to make a geometric shape. Write the letter of the geometric shape each cutout can make.

8.  What number is missing?
10 21 32 ____     54

O  A.  34
O  B.  43
O  C.  41
Why? _____________________________________________________________

Each year, thousands of sharks are killed by people. They are killed for food, oil, skins and sport. But only a very small number of people are actually killed each year by sharks. Usually, a shark attacks a person only in its natural search for food. Sharks are dangerous because they are large, wild animals with big teeth, looking for a meal. It is not because sharks are bad or evil.

Sharks are no more dangerous than other large wild animals such as lions and tigers. The water is the natural home of the shark. When people enter the water, they may very well meet up with a shark.
Both sharks and people are important links in the chain of living things on this planet. People must share the earth with many living things, including sharks. The more we learn about sharks, the safer we will be, and the safer sharks will be.
from A Sea Full of Sharks by Betsy Maestro

9.  Why are thousands of sharks killed by people each year?
O  A).    To make them disappear from the oceans
O  B).    They are mean, dangerous animals
O  C).   For food and other products and for sport

10. The selection says that sharks and people are “important links in the chain of living things? What does this mean?

O  A).    Dangerous living things are not as important as other living things.
O  B).    All living things are important because they are all connected.
O  C).    Sharks and people are more important than other living things.

11. One important idea in the selection has to do with the fact that sharks are dangerous. Which idea from the selection tells about why sharks are dangerous?
O  A).    Sharks sometimes attack people to find food.
O  B).    Many different products are made from sharks.
O  C).    Sharks often attack people for no good reason.

12. Look at the picture showing shark products. Which sentence best tells about how shark products are used?
O  A).    Shark products are very expensive.
O  B).    A shark’s skin has no use and is thrown away.
O  C).    Doctor’s and nurses use shark products to help people.

13.  How does this selection make you feel about sharks? Use the selection to explain why you feel this way. 
**Note to parents-- when your child tells how they feel, make sure that they use details from the story to back up their feelings.
   Ex:  I feel sad because thousands of sharks are killed each year and sometimes just for sport.

14.  Mrs. Schering puts Beaker Y onto the right side of the balance.

How many weights would Mrs. Schering have to put on the left side to see if Beaker Y weights more than 85 grams?
O  A).    Two
O  B).    Three
O  C).    Four

15.  Apple seeds form in late summer or in the fall. These seeds must go through several weeks of cold temperatures before they will sprout.
How does this characteristic help make sure that apple seeds can sprout and survive?

O  A).    It delays sprouting until there is enough sunlight to grow.
O  B).    It delays sprouting until air and soil temperatures are good for growth.
O  C).    It delays sprouting until animals that eat seeds have gone into    hibernation.

16.  Nate is going to visit his friend who lives six blocks away. He wants to choose a way to get to his friend’s house that is safe for the environment. Which of these is the safest for the environment?

O  A).   Riding bikes
O  B).   Driving cars
O  C).   Traveling on buses

Use the pictures on this page to answer number 17.

Our Rocks

Rock          Volume      Length Appearance
1 4 ml       2 cm spotted
2 7 ml       5 cm   shiny
3 5 ml       3 cm    lots of colors

17.  The 4th grade class found three rocks. They numbered each rock. They made the chart on the previous page. List two different instruments that the class used to complete the chart. Tell what each instrument measured or observed.

     Instrument:   Used to measure or observe:


Use the graph below to answer question 18.

Carla went for a walk and saw many different types of animals. The graph shows how many types of animals Carla saw while walking. She knows that mammals have fur. How many mammals did she see?

O  A).    4
O  B).    8
O  C).    12
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