Montclair State University  
Fieldwork - “Seeing Gender in Everyday Life: A Trip to the Mall.”  - modified from assignment designed by Catherine E. Boyle (Wichita University)

Your name _________________________ Name of mall ________________________

Date Visited __________

Task 1: Toy Store (name of store__________________)
1.  Look at the dolls.  Do they appear to be marketed primarily to girls or boys?
2  .Look at the various types of guns.  Do they appear to be marketed primarily to boys or girls
3.  What color packaging is used for the dolls?  For the guns?
4.  What words are used on the packages if any for the dolls - for the guns?
5.  What personality characteristics do you think that the dolls are promoting?  How about the guns?
6.  What roles are these different toys teaching or training boys & girls for?
7.  Observe the children in the store, estimate their ages, describes their behavior.  Are they attracted to
    certain toys?  Which ones.

Field Notes:

Task 2: Video arcade (if not available use a computer store)  Which one are you observing?
1.  Look at the games.  What types of things are the characters doing?  Are the characters predominantly male or female?  What is the object of the games? 
2. Counter the number of male and female customers in the store.  ____males  _____females
3.  If you are in an arcade, play one of the games.  Describe the male and female characters?  What is the object of the game?

Field Notes:

Task 3: Music Store (name of the store) _____________________________
1.  Look at the covers of the tapes and disks.  In general, how are men and women portrayed?
2.  Does it appear that men and women perform different types of music?  Describe the types and the words.

Field Notes:

Task 4: Food Court  (or restaurant in the mall)

1. Note the number of females/males who are a: workers at the counter of the restaurant  or b: managers. 
Fill in the information below:  Front counter:  _____males  and _____females.
Managers ___Males    ____Females

Task 5: From the directory or map of the mall, compare the number of men’s and women’s apparel stores.
______men’s     ____women’s       _____unisex

Task 6: Card Store
1.  Look at the two sections:  “The Birthday Boy”  and “The Birthday Girl” cards.  What color are the girls?  What color are the boys’ cards?  Describe the pictures on the cards.  Describe the words used

2.  Do the same for Mom and Dad cards.


Task 7: Generate a task of your own like the ones above that demonstrates the importance of gender in the mall.

Task 8: What stores in the mall do you think are the least affected by gender?  What makes you come to this conclusion?

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