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My Quia activities and quizzes
Matching from health unit (10)
indicative, subjunctive, or infinitive
Present Subjunctive Spelling(10)
Subjuntive or not?? (10)
Subjunctive - (copy)(10)
Present subjunctive
Present Subjunctive
Irregular Preterit--Easy
Spanish 3 - health and body terms
Irregular preterit - challenging
Practicamos El Pretérito
El Cumpleaños de Martín
.The preterit
The preterit "Who wants to be a millionare?"
preterite irregulars
Regular and Irregular preterites
Preterit (irregular verbs)
Reflexive verbs
Reflexive sentences
reflexives and vocabulary
Reflexive practice
Battleship - direct and indirects
Challenge board with directs, indirects and commands.
Commands and object pronouns. Go for the gold in Rags to riches.
Matching - direct and indirect
Pop ups - direct and indirect object pronouns
Positive and Negative Commands including reflexives
Reflexives memory
Reflexive match
SP 2/3--Negative tú commands
Formal Commands
Formal Commands
formal commands
formal commands w/ pronouns
Formal Commands
Present tense verbs with spelling changes
Challenge board for the preterite forms 6th edition
Regular Preterite Conjugations
Exprésate 10-2/Preterite-Challenge Board
preterito challenge
Spanish 2 - Irregular Preterite Verbs
Preterite of Irregular Verbs
Irregular Preterite
Preterite review -ar,-er, -ir regular verbs and -car, -gar,- zar verbs, hacer, conocer, ir, ser
Future Tense
The future tense in Spanish.
Avancemos III - Leccion 3.1 Future Tense Battleship
Paso 3 Cap. 6 - el futuro - regular e irregular
A Bordo Chapter 3. Futuro.
El Condicional
El futuro y el condicional
El Condicional
CFA: Los verbos irregolares en el futuro y en el condicional
Batalla de conditional
Professions Battle Ship
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