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This web page will tell you about tips for your marbles,

and tricks that they should never forget. Also we have moved

from our old web site which was because we

had a survey ( which we don't have the ability now ) and

only 10 people were marble trainers in the whole world! So,

now we have some tips for you and your marbles. And if you

want to put you and your marbles in any word wide race you

can email us at . Or if you want

want any information on other things that has to deal with


           How to take care of your marbles

1. Always give your marbles a bath at least once a month.

* If you don't know how to do it the pro. way email me

* Why this is important is that if you don't it could rot

up, if you haven't been giving it a bath and it hasn't rot

then something is wrong, please email me

2. Always teach your marbles new and review tricks at least

once every 2 days so that they don't get lazy

* It can also hurt their health if so email me

          Tricks that you can teach your marbles

1. Flip on base

* The base could be a book or something strong that is

slanted up so that when you roll your marble up it can do a


2. Sliding in the air

* You go up on a table and you flick your marble ( gentely )

and if it gets what you want it to do it will seem as though

it was sliding in the air

      *** If you want any more tricks email me***

               News for marbles and you

1. There seems to be loose and armed marbles in the

neighborhood of Salem get red marbles for they are spies

2. In Worthington there is a desease spreading around

* Conditions: Not remembering tricks seems very lazy and

could possibly rot and die
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