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October, 2000

We finished our geometry unit last month.  Now we're
into order of operations, solving algebraic equations and inequalities, and learning the axioms.  We'll also be breaking out the TI-82 graphing calculators.
Remember, PEMDAS rules!  LOL

Don't forget to be working on all of your rewrites for your portfolio!  I'll be looking for four top level responses from you at the end of term one.  Feel free to stay after school for some one-on-one conferencing with me; I'd be happy to help you out!

MATH TEAM:  Our practices are held every Wednesday afternoon in my room--room 35.  We work for about an hour, and we have fun, too!  We have some hard working 6th, 7th, and 8th grade members!  Our first meet will be held this

Please e-mail me with any awesome math links that you may have come across!  :o)

...and remember...MATH RULES!   ;)
Ms. Marcotte
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