margaretwaldon Ms.Waldon
Youngblood Intermediate School Reading Language Arts Instructor
As I prepare my students for the new millennium, the ability to identify and solve problems is critical.  In an attempt to increase your childs' endurance level for reading, I am increasing the reading log time that the students now use. Students,   please study your TAAS reading tips.  Enjoy your spring break and come back refreshed and ready to get started again for TAAS.  I've been prepared for a very exciting and productive close to this year.  I invite you, the parents, to come and visit with us and you can see first hand, some of the things we do.
Akshat Patel is class president.  Other students are:
Hiba Ataya,Nakita Blake,Darius Bryant,Gloria Davis,Nicole Drone,Louis Glover,David Gonzales,Y2,Courtney Johnson,Brence McNeil,Erik Montano,Linda Nguyen,Zee Zee Okoro,Mary Ann Osayande,Cindy Rodriguez, Miriam Saucedo,Erica Soto,Amber Sullivan,Leotis Taylor,Tran Tuan,Rahima Tuke,Kim Waldo,Horace White.
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