marinseventh Ms. Marin
McLean High School  
Hello seventh period. From now on, we will make your daily lessons availible on this website. Be sure to check it every day.

Ms. Marin

November 14:

Hi folks! Tomarrow in class, we will put the finishing touches on our projects. Keep in mind these are a major grade for quarter 2, so we need to see you put in lots of thought and creativity. By Friday, you need to have memorized your lines, completed your posters and prepared your costumes. Also, remember that you are supposed to ACT, not read. Think about how to position yourself on stage, how to project your voice and when to enter/exit the stage.
Have fun!

You also have a vocab quiz on Tuesday, November 21. We will go over the answers to your exercises on Wednesday.

Here is your message for next class: instead of raising your hand when you have a question or comment, tap your little finger on your desk three times. This way, we can tell who visited the web site.

Have a great day. Love, your teachers.
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