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Cicero-North Syracuse High School Global History 10RH,EUROPEAN HISTORY, AND PIG
Welcome 10th grade sutdents and parents!

Please use this web page to:

    *keep up with the Global History Dept. news
    *be aware of new information from State Ed.
    *keep track of upcoming social studies events
    *reinforce you skills and content knowledge
    *reinforce essay writing skills

What is Global History and Geography:

    *a two-year course all students must take
    *concludes with a Regents exam which all must pass to
    *a combination of information on geography, economic
     and political systems, history, and citizenship

New York State expectations:

    *read with comprehension
    *write DBQ-style essays
    *write thematic essays
    *participate in meaningful classroom and outside
     assigned activities to display your
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