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Port Washington Catholic School 7/8 Social Studies & Science

   This is going to be a great year!  I have a bunch of new things to do with you guys and gals, as well as bringing back a lot of awesome things we did last year.

   Hello to all our new seventh graders!  I'm sure you'll have an easy time adjusting to the west wing of the school. The cafeteria is a little farther, but the gym, library, and computer lab are closer.  It's going to be great having you guys and gals over here with us in the upper classmen side of the building.  ** If you get lost in the west wing, ask the eighth grade for help.  Most of them are really quite helpfull.   :)

   For all of you returning to us in a united eighth grade class, it's going to be a blast this year!  Science gets a whole lot smaller as we look at micro-organisms and the atomic level of things.  The flip side is that you will be able to do chemical experiments, changing an iron nail into copper and proving why 1 + 1 do not always equal 2 in science.  Social Studies becomes more familiar as we look at the 20th Century in all of it's glory and tragedy.  I'll be looking for you all to express and defend your opinions as we delve deeper into more research and debates.  **  You people are the senior students now, so please be helpful and responsible to the younger classmen and don't let them get too lost in the hallways.   :P

   If you had to sort all the things in the animal world, how would you do it?  Length of toe nails?  By belly buttons (innies and outies)?  How about by hair color?  We'll explore the ways scientists and zoologists put all those animals you see on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet into logical groups without forgetting even the goofiest looking creatures.  **  Do you know which animal closest resembles a poptart?

   They're small, very small!  They can be found in every climate around the world!  The live under rocks, in water, and even on your nose!  They are everywhere and they outnumber humans a billion to one!  They're Simple Organisms and Viruses!!  **  Which ones do you want on your next hamburger?  (HINT: probably the ones that make the food that I hate most)

   A long, long time ago, on a continent not too far away (right under your feet), there lived a group of animals that stood 14 feet at the shoulder, had more hair than all the seventh grade students put together, and brought with them a group of screaming fans that rivaled the ferocity of a Brittany Spears concert.  Welcome to the life of the American Mastadon and the original American settlers.

   Remember those P.D.T.'s we did at the end of the year?  Well they're back, with a vengence.  We'll scream through the first 30,1850 years of American History and use your P.D.T. to bring us up to the years preceeding the Civil War. So hold tightly as this place we call the United States of American flashes it's first few centuries at us in a mere 3 weeks.

These and MORE exciting things coming to you in your textbooks and now via websites!  All brought to you by some teacher named Mr. Marsack.  

(( Look for my brand new website this fall!  Stronger, faster, and with more colors than you've seen in the past year.  It will even include special guest appearances of all the animals that live on my farm, including Max, Zippy, Sis, the ducks, geese, turkeys, and chickens, and of course the late, great cat named Wingnut. Watch the chalk boards for the address of the website that may change your life.  ))

DISCLAIMER:  Reading, thinking, and responding have shown significant growth in brainpower and may prove productive in your life.  Mr. Marsack humbly apologizes if you accidentally become the next Albert or Alberta Einstein and have a totally successful life because you learned something in his class.
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