marvelouscholars Ms. Marinello
Peanut Butter Elementary 5th Grade Teacher
Welcome to Ms. Marinello's 5th grade class at Peanut Butter Elementary School located in        Baton Rouge,LA.
Thank you for visiting our site!

Here's a list of our classroom rules-
1) Always treat others the way you would like to be treated.
2) Always use kind words and keep hands to yourself.
3) Remeber to use the compromise table when needed.

Here's a list of our classroom procedures-
1) Enter classrom quietly.
2) Unpack booksack.
3) Get out homework.
4) Copy assignments for the day.
5) Begin morning assignment.

This week's activities:
Finish reading Chapter 7 in A Wrinkle In Time
Don't forget to get the permission slip signed for next week's trip to the ZOO!

Upcoming Events:
Field trip to Audobon Zoo in New Orleans on  March 2.          
Early dismassal on February 24 @ 2:15
Math Maniac Club will meet March 6 after school.
My Quia activities and quizzes
American Revolution
Important people from the American Revolution
American Revolution
Great Quiz to practice for your next Social Studies Test!
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