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St. Mary's School Homeroom 8, Math 5 - 8
MRS. D'S QUIA QUIZZES! MATH 5,6,7,8 We will be using Quia (key-uh) for many homework assignments, quizzes, and study sessions this year. Keep practicing your skills with Quia! Most quizzes have feedback so you can fix your mistakes. Many quizzes we take in class are based on the same questions in the quizzes listed. Students log on to quiz sessions in class. Do not attempt these quizzes at home. Quia provides a date and time and multiple copies. Only the quiz you took in class counts! If you find any mistakes in the quizzes, please let me know as soon as possible - email or write it down and put in homework box.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Geometry: Angle - Sum Relationships
Geometry: Area and Perimeter Formulas
Basic Properties
Decimal Addition and Subtraction
Decimal Words to Standard Form
Decimal to Lowest Terms Fraction
Decimals to Lowest Terms Fraction
Decimals: Division
Decimals: Multiply
Decimals: Rounding
Divisiblity Quiz
Exponents: Standard Form; Expanded Form
Fraction Common Addition and Subtraction Quiz
Fraction to Decimal - Fraction to Percent
Fraction Concepts
Fraction Equation Estimation
Fraction of a Whole Number (Mental)
Fraction to Decimal - Fraction to Percent
Fractions - Comparing <,>,=
Fractions: Reduce to Lowest Terms
Fractions: Dividing Common (Easy)
Fractions: Improper to Mixed 2
Fractions: Multiply Common (Easy)
Fractions:Improper to Mixed Numbers
GCF - Greatest Common Factor
Grade 8 Skills 1
Grade 8 Skills 2
Grade 8: Religion 1 Fill-in
Integer Addition
Integer Subtraction
Integer Multiplication
Integer Multiplication
LCM -Least Common Multiple
Mean, Mode, Median
Metric Conversions
Metric Questions
Order of Operations (Easy)
Order of Operations (Medium)
Order of Operations (Hard)
Percent - Discount
Percent Equations: Finding the percent
Percent Equations:Finding % of a whole
Percent Equations:Finding the Whole
Percent of Increase/Decrease
Permutations and Combinations
Geometry: Polygon and Angle Fill-in Quiz
Prime Factorization
Scientific Notation:Whole Numbers
Algebra: Simplify Exponential Expressions
Algebra: Simplify Expressions-Variables and Constants
Algebra: Solve Equations (Hard)
Algebra: Solve 2-step Equations with Integers
Geometry: Sometimes, Always, Never
Square Root Memory
Unit Fraction to Decimal Quiz
Geometry: Volume and Surface Area Formulas
Fractions: Subtraction with Borrowing
Fraction Equations: Solve backwards.
Fractions: Mixed to Improper
Compare Decimals and Fractions -True/False
Algebra: Writing Expressions
Ratio and Proportion: Solve for x
Percent to Degree
Degree to Percent
Area/Circumference of a Circle
Square Root Estimation
Whole Number Division - 1 & 2 digit divisors
Whole Number Multiplication
Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Evaluating Expressions
Evaluating Variable Expressions
Integer Quiz
Integer Computation
Fraction - Degree
Lowest Terms
Percent - Fraction
Properties Quiz - 8
Decimal Estimation
Basic Properties (Easy)
Integer Computation
Evaluating Expressions (Easy)
Simplify Expressions
Grade 6: Evaluating Expressions
Problem Solving Practice 6 Ch. 3
Comparing Decimals
Comparing Decimals
Fraction - Decimal
Metric Conversion
Fraction to Decimal
Fraction - Decimal
Ordering Decimals
Frank&Joe's Order Them
Geometric Definitions
Problem Solving 5 - Ch. 1
Writing Algebraic Expressions (Easy)
Reading Writing Whole Numbers
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