mathblack Mrs. Black
Mayde Creek Junior High 7th Grade Math Teacher

7th Grade Math Classes

You are studying ratios and proportions from Chapter 8.  Last week we focused on ratios and rates.  This week we will be solving proportions and focusing on converting percents, decimals and fractions.  REMEMBER the conversions that I want you to memorize .3333333....=1/3 and .6666666....=2/3.

Monday - Section 8-3

Tuesday - Mock TAAS Writing

Wednesday - Section 8-3

Thursday - Section 8-4

Friday - Section 8-5

7th Grade Pre-AP Math

Last week we studied the last 3 sections of Chapter 10 on Reflections, Translations and Rotations.  This week we will start Chapter 11 on Geometry Applications.

Monday - Review reflections, rotations, and translations
        Start Section 10-1

Tuesday - Quiz on reflections, rotations and translations

Wednesday - Section 10-2

Thursday - Section 10-3

Friday - Review Chapter 10 Sections 1-3
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