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Lessons for week 25

Math:  Lessons 100-104p. 161-168
Reading:  p. 187-208  Speed/Comprehension Quiz 5 p286-292
Spelling:  List 20
Language: p 102-103.  Take quiz (8 questions)
History:  Map Mastery 8, Western Wildlife puzzle, Review
          states/capitals, Take quiz 13, Review for/take
          Chapter 6 test
Science:  Complete chapter checkup, Take quiz 13, Review
          for/take chapter 3 test
Bible:  Continue Genesis stories of Joseph.
Letters/Sounds:  p. 99-104
Phonics Writing: p. 80-86
Social StudiesK:  p.81-88
Number SkillsK:  p. 67-70
Number Writing:  by 5's, count by 2's

Continue to practice cursive letters

Take a spelling test with words from p. 101
My Quia activities and quizzes
A little practice in basic addition facts
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