mathfinals Math Department Gr. 7
Here is an index of review quizzes that cover the Grade 7 units you have taken this year.  Use these review tests to help you prepare for the year exam in June.

Skills that you are having trouble with or are getting wrong are ones that you need to practise more on your own or seek help with from your teacher.

Good luck on your review and on the exam.

The only missing components of your math from this year are: graphing and probability.

Make sure you use old tests, notes etc to review those concepts.

Remember that the integer review is available in the sites listed at the bottom of this page.

Mrs. Robinson
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Number Theory Year Review Gr 7
Fractions Year Review Gr. 7
Decimals Year End Review Gr. 7
Ratios and Proportions Review Gr. 7
Percent Review Gr. 7
Algebra Unit Review Gr. 7
Geometry Unit Review Gr. 7
Data Management Part 1 Test
Data Management Part 2 Test
Data Management Part 3 Test
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