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    I wanted to let you know that the plans for tomorrow have been changed.  Instead of taking reading and spelling tests, we will be going on a field trip.  We will be going to the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas.  The bus will be departing at 8:15 A.M. sharp.  Please ask your parents to provide a bag lunch or send $3 in cash for you to be able to eat tomorrow.  You may also bring extra money if you wish to purchase souvenirs for yourelf and others.  We should be arriving back on campus at approximately 3:30 P.M.  Hope everyone isn't upset about the cancellation of your tests.


    Because of the severe weather approaching us later during the week, we have been force to move the feild trip to tomorrow, Thursday, April 6, 2000.  If there is any reason your child can not make the trip, we will reimburse the money fully.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Tomorrrow was the only other available day.  We will be going along with Mrs. Smatt's 2nd grade class.

If you have any questions about the feild trip feel free to call me at home at 232-1289 anytime.
                                         C. DeHart
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