mathgoes Mrs. Goes
Prairie Junior High Math 7th & 8th instructor

Assignments will be changed weekly. For the updated weekly sheets, check in every monday.

              Assignments For the Week 9/18/00

8th Grade assignments:
   Monday:    Worksheets R31 & P31
   Tuesday:   Worksheet P32
   Wednwesday:Pages 104 & 105 All
              Also review the problem solving format & the
              standard order of operations.
   Thursday:  Chapter Review Test (given in class only)
   Friday:    Chapter Test

7th Grade assignments:
   Monday:    Pages 82&83   #'s 1-29 odds Show all work!
   Tuesday:   Pages 84&85   #'s 1-41 odds
   Wednesday: Pages 88&89   #'s 1-29 Odds
   Thursday:  Pages 90&91    #'s 1-21 Odds
   Friday:    Worksheet P7

7th Grade Honors
   Monday:    Pages 61&62   #'s 6-50 Evens
   Tuesday:   Pages 67&68   #'s 8-58 Evens
   Wednesday: Pages 73&74   #'s 8-58 evens
   Thursday:  Pages 78&79   #'s 8-50 Evens
   Friday:    Pages 83&84   #'s 8-38 Evens
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