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Welcome to our Math Lab Page.  Here's what we need to work on this week:

First Graders keep practicing on those basic addition and subtraction facts. Also, look for plane and solid shapes at home and on the way to school. To review tens and ones, try this:  Get something to use as counters (like macaroni, beans, buttons, or coins).  Pick up a handful.  See if you can make groups of ten, and make as many tens as you can. Count the tens, then see how many single items were left over.  Write the number of tens and ones, then the number in all.  Count your items, one-by-one, to see if you are correct.  Practice comparing numbers, using the words greater and less, and count things you see in different ways:  by 5's or 10's or 2's.  We also need to practice using money.  First, be sure you know the names of the coins and how much each is worth.  (Penny = 1cent, Nickel=5cents, and so on).  Then count groups of coins together.  Start with nickels and pennies or dimes and pennies.  Do you know what time it is?  See if you can find the hour hand first and tell what it is pointing at (or after).  Then see if the minute hand is on the 12 (for o'clock) or on the 6 (for 30).

Second Graders Review basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 at least ten minutes every day.  Practice counting groups of coins at home and in the store as often as you can. Look for plane and solid shapes and graphs in magazines, newspapers, and books.  Bring any examples you find to class if it is ok to cut them out.
You should practice adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with trading as needed.  Try this for extra practice:  Take a deck of regular playing cards.  Remove the face cards, and mix them well.  Turn over two cards, side by side, and use them to make the smallest 2-digit number you can. (EX:  turn over a 7 and a 2.  The smallest 2-digit number you can make is 27).  Repeat this step, then add the 2 numbers.  You can do the same process with subtraction, but be sure you write the greater number on top (to be the number you subtract from).  Check the clock often to see if you know what time it is. You should be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.  Keep practicing, because it can be tricky!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Coin Concentration
Match groups of coins with their value. (2nd grade)
Number Word Match
Match numerals with their number words.
Place Value Concentration
Match a numeral to its value as tens and ones.
Shapes and Solids--2nd grade or 1st grade challenge
Spell the names of solid and plane shapes. (For 2nd grade--challenging for 1st graders)
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