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This web page is to help you at math better. If you want to be a lazy bum and not do your math notebook entry, copy it from me!

  WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS {for algebra 1/2 only}10/9 thru 10/13

Alg 1/2:

Mon:    HW: L-28,29 evens (odds bonus) due Wed
Tues:   Work Day
Wed:    HW: L-30 due Thurs
Thurs:  HW: L-31 due Fri
Fri:    Test

               Mondays notebook entry:

          L - 28,29: Improper fractions/ Mixed #'s

improper fraction-mixed #s       mixed # - improper fraction

ex. 15/7= 2 1/7                              ex. 3 2/9= 29/9

ex. 22/6=3 2/3                           ex. 14 2/11= 156/11

ex. 112/5= 22 2/5                     ex. 112 14/15= 1694/15

           Fraction times whole #s

     For this you multiply the demoninator by the whole number,then add the numerator.

             ex. find 4/3 of 30

               4/3 * 30/1= 40


                     PROBLEM OF THE WEEK

    A package of plastic forks contains 8 forks. A package of plastic knives contains 12 knives. What is the fewest number of packages you would have to buy to have exactly the same number of forks as knives?


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