mathwithgadde Mrs. Gadde
Garden City Junior High Math teacher
Homework Assignments

Week of: January 21-25

Monday: Classwork:  Finish Problem 3.2 pages 29-31
        Homework:  ACE #11-13 page 36

Tuesday:  Classwork: Problem 3.3 pages 31-32
          Homework:  ACE #8-10 page 35

Wednesday:  Classwork:  Math Journal #1-4 page 40
            Homework:  ACE #19 page 38

Thursday:  Classwork:  Math Journal #1-4 page 40
           Homework:  ACE #19 page 38

Friday:  Classwork: No School

*Homework assignments are each worth 10 points(if on time); any late work goes down 1 point each day it is late.

The next tutoring session will be on Thursday,
January 31, 2002 from 2:45 to 3:30

Upcoming Quizzes or Tests

The next quiz will be a partner quiz covering
Investigation 3 on Monday, January 28.

Seventh Grade Curriculum :
1.  Bits and Pieces II
      - performing computations involving percents,
        fractions, and decimals
      - developing and applying algorithms for performing
        calculations with fractions, decimals, and percents

2.  Variables and Patterns
      - collecting, organizing, and representing data
      - identifying patterns and extreme values in data 
        organized in graphs or tables
      - analyzing a pattern or relationship in a graph or
        table to identify variables and interpret the
        relationship between the variables
      - analyzing linear relationships and expressing them
        as written and symbolic rules

3.  Stretching and Shrinking
      - enlarging and shrinking plane figures
      - identifying the corresponding parts and applying
        properties of similar figures
      - describing and producig transformations of plane
      - analyzing scale factors between figures; applying
        scale factors to solve two-dimensional geometric

4.  Comparing and Scaling
      - exploring proportional relationships between
      - interpreting fractions as ratios, as rates, or as
        comparisons of a part to the whole
      - scaling ratios up or down
      - comparing quantities using ratios, rates or percents
      - developing techniques to estimate population
        densities and other quantities

5.  Accentuate the Negative
      - exploring relationships between positive and
        negative integers (e.g., interpreting positive
        integers as a gain and negative integers as a loss)
      - developing understanding of arithmetic operations
        with positive and negative integers
      - extending the coordinate grid to include negative

6.  Filling and Wrapping
      - understanding, calculating, and estimating the
        surface area & volume of 3-D figures
      - developing strategies for finding the dimensions,
        surface area, and volume of rectangular prisms,
        cylinders, cones, and spheres; and estimating for 
        irregular 3-D figures
      - scaling 3-D figures
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