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April 30, Mon- Quiz on Writing, Naming, and Counting compounds. 

April 27, Fri- HW Review sheet p. 68 due.  Will go over review sheet in class today.

April 26, Thurs- Element Quiz #5, 21-25.  Work on p. 67 in class.  Get Review sheet, p. 68 in class and start to work on. 

April 25, Wed- HW P 1 = First 3 columns of p. 65, writing compounds. 
HW P 5 = 5 counting problems

Finished the rules of writing, p. 64.  Started p. 67, "writing chemical formulas." 

April 24, Tues- No HW due.  Filled out student contract. Worked on p. 64, rules of counting atoms, thenp. 63 counting atoms, how to count, then p, 65 which was a table that you began to fill in. 

April 23, Mon.  No HW due.  Reviewed and finished the notes ( p. 61)  Completed and went over the naming practice p. 62. 
Per. 5 turned in notes and naming practice for a grade.

April 20, Fri.  QUIZ #4 elements today ( elements #16-20).  Took notes on Naming compounds.

April 19, THurs.  QUIZ #3 elements today.  Learned about oxidation numbers, p. 60. and then started naming compounds, p. 61

April 18, Wed. HW: "why atoms combine," p. 58.  Went over HW and learned about ionic, covalent polar, and nonpolar bonds, took notes, p. 59 

April 17, Tues.  Reviewed notes on p. 57, practiced Dot diagrams.  Why atoms combine w.s. as HW


April 6, Fri, No HW due.  Finish the reading guide and play Chemical Bingo.

April 5, Thurs, No Hw Due.  Discussed reading guide about wny atoms combine, talked about compounds, formulas, and stability of an atom.

April 4, Wed- No Hw Due = Lecture on Compounds and chemical formulas.

April 3, Tue- Per. 5 HW= paragraph on improving classroom. Today finished lab questions from Mon, turned in today. 

April 2, Mon- No HW due.  Lab.  Periodic Precipitates, if absent do not need to make it up. 

Extra Credit = Print out this question and answer below.  What is the element that has an atomic number of 25, draw it's bohr model.

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March 30, Fri- Grade deadline today.  Test on Atoms and the Periodic Table.

March 29, Thurs- Review sheet due today.  Quiz #2 on elements #6-10 today.  Rest of period reviewing for Test. 


March 28, Wed- No HW due Today.  We will be labeling our periodic tables and practicing how to make dot diagrams.

March 27, Tues- No HW due today.  We finished the Periodic Table video and worked on Dot diagrams a little, p. 54.

March 26, Mon= No HW due today.  We did a demo on how different electron energy levels caused elements to burn in different colors

Announcement= Test on Structure of Atom and Periodic Table is Friday 3/30

March 23, Friday- Progress Reports are due.  Quiz on elements #1-5.  Periodic Table Video, question sheet turned in by end, p. 50.

March 22, Thurs- No HW due.  Review Bohr's model and start trends to the periodic table, p 49.  Class notes and coloring of table.

March 21, Wed- No HW due.  Worked on the Bohr model, p. 46 and p. 47, completed both in class.

March 20, Tues- Hw= Finish element class work from Monday.  Covered the Atomic model and the Bohr model. Received and completed pp. 44-46.

March 19, Monday- No Hw due.  Continue with p 41 on finding atomic mass.  Receive p 42 and 43.  Topic is calculating information on the Periodic Table.

March 16, Friday- No HW due today.  We are starting the Periodic table today (some notes, p. 36) and going over the study guide (p. 39) from Thursday.  Received pages 40 and 41 in notebook. Topic is introduction of periodic table. 

March 15, Thur-  p. 38 "Crossword puzzle and fill-in -the blank" worksheet due today.  We are learning definitions of an atom and completing a study guide (p. 39) on that topic.

March 14, Wed-  No Hw due today.  Introduction of Chemistry unit.  Activities: Glueing together an atom(p. 37) and class notes(p. 36).

March 13, Tue- Unit Test on Properties of Matter

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