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The Runaway Learning Machine
Growing up Dyslexic
By James J. Bauer

  Ask yourself a Question are you Dyslexic?  pick up the book you will love it.  take my word.  

The book is based on the popular televsion series.  The Wonder years,  actor fred savage reccals humorous moments from his childhood. In The Runaway Learning,  occupational thearpist jim bauer tells us what it likes to grow up with undiagnosed dyslexia.

You will experience the pain and embarrasment this shy little boy felt as teachers and parents ignored his learning disability and simply encourged him to "try  harder".

The Runaway learning Machine is must reading for anyone who works with children in a learning enviroment. You will increase your awarness of the negative impact of adult insenstivty to learning disablties.

Chapter 1-4

     What are the main charcters memories of when he was young child?
Answer 3-4 sentences

What are the Struggles of the main charcters problems with Dyslexia?
answer 3-4 sentences.

What were his adventures like into the first Grade?
3-4 sentences.

What was like when the main charchter moved to the suburbs?
3-4 sentences.
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