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Herzlich Willkommen.
Max and Moritz by Wilhelm Busch have been deligihting (or maybe frightening) children for more than 100 years.  These 2 mischieveous little boys get into more trouble than a barrel of monkeys.  I hope that you enjoy reading about their pranks, and learn a little German along the way.
Use these games and activities to practice vocabulary and comprehension.  In the USEFUL LINKS section, plese click on the first link to access MAX UND MORTIZ in the web.

Students at CHS may earn 2 extra credit points per day by E Mialing any of these games and activities to Herr Curtis.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Max und Moritz: Vorwort
Max und Moritz: Erster Streich
Max und Moritz: Zweiter Streich
Useful links
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