mayangels may or mell
pisgat ze'ev  
Hi my name is may and i decided to open my own hpme page where i can write what ever i want and leave my friends different messeges.
I'm a student from jerusalem and one of my hobbies is to surf in the Internet.
I decided to call this page "may angels" because i believe that angels are the most pure and powerful thing that exists and that each one of us is an angel, may is my nick name and angels are the people who i love and surround me: my friends and family.
Another hobby i like is poetry and Shakespeare is one of the great authors that ever existed.
well that's all for now, i send a big hug to all my friends who are at school now bye,

Don't be afraid,
Close your eyes,
Lay it all down.
Don't you cry,
Can't you see i'm going
where i can see the sun rise.
I been talking to my angel,
he says it's all right.
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