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Dear boys and girls,
    I've been taking a computer class for awhile now and I'm learning to make my own page.This way I can write to you and you can check my messages.I'm proud of all of you for how hard you've been working.Most of you are doing a good job trying to earn your beach party.It's going to be alot of fun! I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break and I'll be anxious to see you back in school.
                                   Love,Mrs. Sintich
Tips for Good Readers and Writers (In the first and second grade)

1.  Uses his finger to make words match.
2.  Looks at the picture.
3.  Gets his mouth ready to say the first sound.
4.  Asks:  Does it look right?
           Does it sound right?
           Does it make sense?  
5.  Re_ reads or starts over to correct an error or to confirm or check.  

             A GOOD WRITER
1.  Starts sentence with a capital letter.
2.  Puts--space--between--words.
3.  Ends sentences with a period(.) , question mark(?), or an exclamation point(!).
4.  Asks: Does it look right?
          Does it sound right?
          Does it make sense?
5.  Says words slowly and listens for the sounds, and rereads to check his writing.

****  DO  NOT   SOUND OUT  ****
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