mazzocchi Mrs. Mazzocchi's Class
Fremont Middle School 5th Grade
Reading:  We read a funny, good book called From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler!!!!!!
                                               Adam B.
Math:  Mrs. Bradberry's math class: We have recently finished our unit on decimals and began our unit on multipying decimals. We have been learning how it is somewhat easy to multipy decimals. We have also been learning about algebra.
                                       Taylor L. and Alli H.

Mrs Sager's math class: We are in the lesson on dividing two digits quotients. We are still doing word problems and extended responses to keep our brain working hard. We are also doing Daily Cummulative Reviews with addition and subtraction so we don't forget. Next we we'll move to order of operations.
     Angie Z. and
                                                 Jessica L.

Mrs. Mazzocchi's math class:  We are currently working on long division, order of operations and the rules of divisibility.
Science:  During the first quarter months we have been studing about ecosystems. We have been about how ecosystems are constantly changing.
                         Aaron M. and Michael D.

Social Studies: In Social Studies we are learning about Indains with Mrs.Sager.We are studing the Aztec. Social Studies is fun!!!!!   
                    By: JJ and Jenna    

Language Arts:We are learning what Verbs are and have wrote a couple of stories.   
                        By: Travis

Gym:Gym has been great with Mr.Moon! The games he comes up with are very good.       
                       By: Michael S.

Upcoming events: Lots of cool parties are coming!!We have Friday Fling on Friday where we get to do chance drawings. We have ground hogs day and other parties coming.
       By: Kelly                                                       
Websites of Interest
Listed below are several websites that relate to the topics currently being studied in class.  Please visit them to expand upon your knowledge!!The website of the week is a website we get from the Media Center. There are different websites each week. So make sure to log on weekly and check out the websites.

Feel free to send our class an email.  Thanks for visiting us on the web!

This week's webmasters: Ken Tan and Brock Foerch
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Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
Review for Chapter 2 Science Test
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