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Drane Intermediate 6th Grade Language Arts
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Now that it's gone and Christmas is on the way we are all going to be excited. Let's not lose focus of what is around the corner though.  TAAS is just a few months away.  We will be having a practice TAAS test next week so let's get prepared!

    Log in and read.
    Complete a worksheet on word meaning.

   Log in and read.
   "Caught Ya"
   Introduce our new key words for the story "Mystery Girl Saves Tot's Life", discuss and define on note cards.
   Discuss what a hero and a heroine means to you.

    Log in and read.
    Discuss Informative / Classificatory Essay and take notes.  Begin making an outline for the story, "Mystery Girl saves Tot's Life". This is for homework if it's not finished in class.  Complete pp.26-29, Drawing Conclusions.

    Log in and read.
    Turn in essay outline.
    English pp. 24-25, Compound Predicates, 1-30.

    Turn in English.
    Spelling / Vocabulary Quiz.
    Read "Mystery Girl Saves Tot's Life" in small groups.

*********Make sure you are reading for at least 30 minutes every night!  By the end of the week you should be at least half way to your reading goal.
        Be sure to try out the quiz sessions - I think they're great!  E-mail me and let me know how you did.
        Remember that we are collecting money for a gift from all the students for Miss Rice.  She only has a few more days here.  Her party will be next week.
Yours truly,
Mrs. M. Bailey
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