mbecker Mrs. Becker
Tamarac Middle/High School  
Period 1, Spanish 3

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

We reviewed the "tener" expressions which should be memorized at this point.  Then we played a game with the expressions and other vocabulary.

Homework:  Finish review packet on preterite/imperfect.
There is a test on preterite/imperfect on Friday, and our fiesta is on Monday.  Don't forget to cook!

Periods 2/3 B, Spanish 1

Hand in your completed workbook packet and pp. 109-110, Act 15 and 16.  Anyone who wanted to re-take the last two vocab. quizzes took them today.  Review all vocab. 2(1) and all oral questions from the lesson.

Homework:  pp. 114-115, Act. 1, 2, 3, 4
Next lesson quiz will be on nextThursday.

Periods 2/3A, Spanish 1

Same as 2/3 B, but next lesson quiz will be on next Friday.
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