Ray Middle School Social Studies 7
Welcome Students and Parents:
This is the site where you will be able to find the following:
1. The weekly agenda
2. Assignments (most of which will be completed in the classroom)
3. Notices of upcoming quizzes or tests.
4. Review activities

I am excited to meet all of you and will see you soon. Enjoy your last few days of vacation!

                  Schedule is subject to change, any changes will be made ASAP.
                           Questions can be directed to
My Quia activities and quizzes
Westward Expansion
Unit 7 Review - Territorial Expansion
Unit 2 Review
Civil War Review - North or South?
Political Compromise Review
Civl War Battle Reveiw
Unit 2 - Foundations of America - People, places, things review
Review important terms, people, etc. from Unit 2
27 Amendments
Articles of Confederation or U.S. Constitution?
Black History Month Challenge
US Government Jeopardy
Jefferson, Jackson, and Manifest Destiny
America in the Early 1800's
Origins of the United States Government
Federalists or Republicans?
Useful links
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