Ray Middle School Social Studies 7

This Week In Social Studies:

Note to students: Many did not turn in the Unit 3 writing assignment. Check school tool to verify if you are unsure if you turned it in. A zero will drag your average down.
Mon. 1/9 - Complete British/Amercian Armies comparison poster
Homework: None

Tues. 1/10- Unit 3 - Notes #5 - Help arrives from Europe
Homework: Review Notes #5

Weds. 1/11 - Unit 3 - Notes #6 - War in the South + The Swamp Fox
Homework: Review Notes #5 + #6

Thurs. 1/12 - Unit 3 - The Battle of Yorktown, the end of the war and the Treaty of Paris (1783).
Homework: Study for quiz on notes 5 + 6 on Friday

Fri. 1/13 - Quiz on Notes 5 + 6
Homework: None

Mon. 1/16 - No School - MLK Jr. Holiday

Tues. 1/17 - Treaty of Paris, 1783 - results of the American Revolution
Hmwk: None

Weds. 1/18 - Fri. 1/20 - American Revolution DBQ - this will ALL be done in class.
Homework: Review Unit 3 Notes - Summative exam is next week.


Jolly Rancher Question of the Week:

After surrendering their fort, a British officer killed the American commander who had surrendered the fort. In retaliation for killing him, this African American soldier killed the British officer and was then killed himself by British soldiers.

Identify who the African American soldier was AND identify how he was killed (it really must have hurt).

Remember, first to answer correctly via email or on paper will win.


                                           GO BEES!

                  Schedule is subject to change, any changes will be made ASAP.
                           Questions can be directed to
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