mcagle Mrs. Cagle
Katy High School Keyboarding, Introduction to Business
KEYBOARDING - This is a one-semester class for grades 9  - 12.    Students will develop mastery of  touch control of the keyboard as well as achieve acceptable speed and accuracy levels for efficient use of the computer.  The keyboard is covered, and the students will learn "touch typing" for all alphabet, punctuation, number, and symbol  keys.  Students will learn to operate the 10-key numeric pad by touch.   Students will learn to format basic documents for educational, personal, and business applications.  Students  will learn to format  business letters, multi-page reports, title pages, reference pages, and outlines.  The students begin each class period with a  timed writing as a warm up exercise.  I take a grade on the timed writings every Tuesday & Thursday.  We are preparing personal business letters in block format, using the appropriate parts of a business letter. 

RECORDKEEPING - This is a one-semester class for grades 9 - 10.  Students learn to maintain accurate records needed in everyday business activities for personal and professional use.  Students gain knowledge for personal and professional financial management including budgeting, financial planning, handling money and other common business practices.
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