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Miller Career Center Business Instructor and CATS Coordinator
WELCOME to Mrs. Camargo's BCIS II (Lab) and CATS page. These stand for Business Computer Information Systems Lab and Career, Academic & Technical Studies, respectively.

      Notebooks are due the fifth week of each six weeks.
      Time Cards (CATS) are due the Friday following the  
         end of a month.
      Employer's visits for supervision and collection of
         grade sheets are done the fifth week of each six

Upcoming Projects
CATS--Business Plan Project (Seven-day Unit--Due May 12)
      Each team will develop a business plan for a new business venture of their choice. It must be a sole proprietorship or a partnership.  A realistic approach is expected of this project.  The majority of the six weeks grade will be based on the results of  this activity.

Day 1--Brainstorming (See work packet).  Answer each question in detail.
Day 2--Internet Research (See work packet).  Complete and have done by the end of the period.
Day 3--The Proposal (See work packet).  Complete as directed.
Days 4-6--The Business Plan.  Using computers, prepare and finalize project.  (See work packet).
    *Must be typed and written in a business manner
    *Use Word or Excel depending on assignment
    *Cover Page--Creative
    *List of your team members and their jobs on the  
    *Table of Contents which reflects the part of the plan
      and where they may be found in the document
    *Your product
    *Add anything else you want--pictures, internet
      appendices (if applicable) in the back of the
Day 7--Oral presentations.

BCIS II (Lab)--Five-Week Unit
      Students will begin a computer simulation, Media Mart designed to provide them with real-world activities in which they apply previously learned computer skills. They also develop interpersonal skills and improve on their problem-solving skills. 

      Students work in cooperative teams to manage and operate a retail business that sells entertainment equipment.  

      They will make managerial-level decisions as they create and maintain the necessary records to operate their business.

      Each assignment completed is placed in their folder.  After completing the jobs in a unit, the individual grades will be averaged to come up with a Unit Grade.  

Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Pay
Gross Profit
List Price
Marketing Strategy
Net Loss
Net Pay
Net Profit
Operating Expenses
Retail Price
Trade Discount
Wholesale Price
Withholding Tax
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