mcclelland Señora McClelland
Cinco Ranch High School Spanish II Teacher
Chapter 10 Test is Wednesday, April 7th.

The test will cover:
-Setting the scene for a story (p. 253)
-Preterite vs. Imperfect (pp. 172, 204, 254)
-Creer, oír, leer and caerse (p. 255)

-Continuing and ending a story (p. 259)
-Preterite and Imperfect (p. 260)

-Talking about the latest news (p. 263)
-Reacting to news (p. 264)

-Culture notes on pp. 261 & 265
-Pacha y sus hijos, Antonio y el ladrón, La Llorona

-All Vocabulary on p. 271

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Verbs in the Preterite and Imperfect
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