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Homework page for each day is found under useful links. Click on it if you don't know the homework assignment.

Voilà des "sites" où vous pouvez practiquez cette semaine. Also you can always go to my main page for many activities that have to do with our class work.


My Quia activities and quizzes
Regular ER, IR, and RE verbs
Review all regular verb endings
Pre quiz - chapter 1 - vocabulaire 1
practice test for chapter 1, quiz 1 vocabulary
Chapter 1 - A Bord
Glencoe generated test chapter 1 a bord
pre chapter test
Chapter 2 - A Bord
vocabulary practice
A Bord chapter 2 quiz1
pre quiz
Les verbes réfléchifs
Practice the reflexive verbs in the present and passé composé
Vocabulary Chapter 4 A Bord
Chapter 4 Vocabulary
A Bord - chapître 8 - future irregular verbs
working with the future irrregular verbs
Pre - test for chapter 8 - À Bord
French II pretest chapter 8
A Bord - Chapter 7
French II - chapter 8
French II - Final pre exam for chapitre 7
French II chapter 7
Passé. composé vs Imparfait
pre quiz (ch4) passé composé vs imparfait
A Bord - chapter 4
Practice your vocabulary on the train!
A Bord - Chapter 9
Practice vocab from chapter 9/ dry cleaning, washing clothes and clothing.
Useful links
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